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Wooden Skulls with Candle Sticks Jewelry Trinket Keepsake Box

$ 25.00
This box is a 6 x 3 x 3 inch wood box covered with large skulls on candle sticks on the top with the sides having matching skulls and candle sticks. The inside is painted grey to compliment the outside. This box is perfect for trinkets, jewelry, or what ever other keepsake you want to store. The outside paper is not finished with anything over top of it. I felt that it would take away from the polished look I had intended for. I take time to select what papers match the best with each other, then take apart the box to paint and embellish, and then put it back together. I match up the sides so that the bottom and top are lined up. 

Most boxes are one of a kind and will be listed if there are multiples available. Each item is handmade so there will be slight imperfections.

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